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Discover new jewellery, great offers, info and more...

Discover new jewellery, great offers, info and more...

I am a passionate jewellery maker who specialises in producing jewellery made from precious sterling silver. Most of my items are made to order and all are produced by me, by hand. Each piece is therefore unique and due to its material, extremely durable.

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The start of Live & Love by Maxine

Why I started my handmade sterling silver jewellery business  more  

Keeping your Sterling Silver Jewellery Clean

Tips on how to care for your Sterling Silver Jewellery.  more  

The Marquise Shape

Using The Marquise Shape In Jewellery  more  

Live & Love by Maxine with Free Delivery

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery from Live & Love by Maxine with Free Delivery  more  

Advice for ordering the right sized Handmade Bangle

Advice on getting your right sized Handmade Sterling Silver Bangle from Live & Love by Maxine  more  

What's not to love about Handmade Sterling Silver Bangles?

Are you in love with Handmade Sterling Silver Bangles?  more  

Advice to help order the right sized handmade ring

Some helpful advice from Live & Love by Maxine to help you find the right sized handmade sterling silver ring   more  

Feminine or Edgy?

Jewellery that can be seen as both feminine, quirky and edgy.   more  

Latest Edition to Handmade Sterling Silver by Live & Love by Maxine

Take a look at this bold an statement Sterling Silver T- Bar Necklace.  more  

Live & Love by Maxine getting great reviews

Being a small business, it really means a lot when you get great comments from your customers.   more  

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