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I am a passionate jewellery maker who specialises in producing jewellery made from precious sterling silver. Most of my items are made to order and all are produced by me, by hand. Each piece is therefore unique and due to its material, extremely durable.

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Christmas is coming

This gorgeous Handmade Sterling Silver Heart Charm Bracelet would make a great gift  more  

Our plans can change but keep in sight of the goal

Our lives can send us in a different direction to what we plan but we end up where we are supposed to be  more  

Live & Love by Maxine Social Media

Social Media Links for Live & Love by Maxine  more  

Handmade Jewellery made for you

Handmade Jewellery is special and surprisingly affordable  more  

A new Handmade Sterling Silver Band Ring Set

Timeless, clean and contemporary. A plain polished and CZ flush set stone ring set  more  

There is a feeling of Autumn approaching

As we approach Autumn, I'm sure a lot of us have thoughts of Christmas  more  

Why a Y Necklace?

Y Necklaces are elegant, sassy and sexy  more  

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