Just wanted to show you this ring, which is new to my collection.  

I have flush set these stones in a more random fashion which I think looks really effective. 

The stones used in this Handmade Sterling Silver Ring are - 1 Clear CZ, 2 Mint coloured Round Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia's and 1 Caramel coloured Round Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia. 

These Round Pure Brilliance Cut Zirconia are made in Austria using sophisticated precision cut technology, which is what makes this Zirconia the perfect addition to any piece. This created stone has a Round Pure Brilliance Cut designed to create a shine which is more commonly seen in the Tolkowsky ideal cut. In addition, These are the first Zirconia's created that adhere to the Gemmological Institute of America's standards which are more commonly used to grade diamonds. These Zirconia's are durable enough to withstand conditions that normal diamonds and Cubic Zirconia would undergo.

I love the colour combination and I hope you do too :-)

Have fun and take care

Maxine x