I love seeing outdoor decorations at Christmas, but some can be quite pricey to buy.  It only takes a little creativity to make your own.

I saw this picture and realised how easy and reasonably inexpensive it would be to do, especially if you already have a planter you could use and some spare baubles that you don't use for your tree...I don't know about you, but over the years you do build up a bit of a collection of baubles, so I'd say you probably do :-).  So given that, all you would need to get is some fir branches to create a stunning decoration for beside your door, or one each side of your door, or group together in three.

It is also so satisfying to create something yourself, and you can go as crazy and over the top as you like or keep it very simple, plus you won't see it anywhere else, you'll be original.  I love that!

I hope you give it a try, if you do please let me know and I'd love to see your pictures too!

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Until next time

Have fun and take care

Maxine x


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