I hope things are going well for you and you are feeling a little normality is returning.

For this blog, I wanted to talk about how special handmade jewellery is.  

Being made by hand, no two pieces will be exactly the same.  I love that, knowing you are the only one with that piece feels amazing.

Handmade Jewellery has the feeling of being exclusive, and is as individual as you are.  It is a great way to express who you are, and show your style.

Jewellery adds that finishing touch and can be adapted to what look you are going for or how you are feeling that particular day.  Sometimes you may want a more understated look, for example, for work, which could be more classic.  For the weekend, you may feel like being more edgy and layer up your jewellery, or for evenings out (now we are able to get out), you may want to go for a more glamourous look, and choose big statement pieces.

Have fun with your jewellery, have pieces that you can mix and match.  Have pieces that you will wear all the time.  Have pieces that you love to put on and that make you feel special.

Giving someone a piece of handmade jewellery as a gift is incredibly thoughtful, that person knows you have thought about them and they will remember you every time they wear the piece of jewellery.  

Jewellery is loved and treasured and lasts for years to come.  Handmade with love, given with love and loved by the wearer.






Take care and stay safe.

Love Maxine x