I daren't say this too loudly, but it looks like Spring has sprung! :-)

Doesn't it make a difference to your mood to go outside and feel a little sunshine and to see all the new growth in the garden.

We are also looking forward to being able to venture out a bit more in the next few weeks, it is all looking a lot more positive.

I am looking forward to getting my feet ready for open toed shoes, although I am rarely ever without painted toenails (it just makes me feel better), I make more of an effort Spring/Summer.

The oncoming warmer weather also makes me want to wear a lighter, fresher fragrance.  I had a sample of the latest Versace perfume and it is lovely.  I might be asking for it for my birthday in a few months time :-)

It's hard to believe it's Easter already, but with much to look forward to (fingers crossed) and lots of chocolate to be eaten, I hope you a very Happy Easter.

Love Maxine x