The great thing about jewellery is that it is not season specific, unlike some clothes can tend to be.  So, a great jewellery wardrobe never needs to be put away, as we sometimes do with clothes we know we will not be wearing again for a few months.  This makes our jewellery a great investment and gives us the ability to accessorise our outfits to change their look from either daytime to evening or casual to smart.

I am, by my own admission, obsessed with jewellery, either when I am designing it, making it or indeed, wearing it.  It never fails to excite me, that is such a special feeling.

A lot of people with have their favourite or signature jewellery that they will wear most of the time, for me, that will be my bangles and a signature ring.  These are my signature pieces:

 Handmade Sterling Silver Stacking Bangles from Live & Love by Maxine



           Handmade Sterling Silver Eternal Swirl Ring from Live & Love by Maxine


             Handmade Sterling Silver Marquise Shape Ring from Live & Love by Maxine


Jewellery is very personal, and we all have different tastes, which is great, because we all take on a different look, this is especially the case with handmade jewellery.  No two pieces will be exactly the same.  I love that reason to choose handmade jewellery.  

As I have said before, have fun with your jewellery, mix and match pieces.  Layer up your pieces or go for one striking, statement piece to show it off to the max! (pun intended :-)

Whether for a gift or you want to treat yourself, take a look at my Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery on my website

Take care

Maxine x