I don't know about you, but with things the way they were last year, it's been easy to not bother dressing up, when a lot of the time we have been indoors. Comfy clothes are the best!  But it really cheers me up to still wear my jewellery.  I am, after all a jewellery fanatic.

So, what are the trends in jewellery for 2021...

Texture - this is great news, although silver jewellery looks great when it's highly polished, with some added texture, you can create so many looks.

Long Pendant Necklaces and Chunky Chains - Fantastic look for now with chunky knitwear, but going forward into Spring and Summer, worn with Maxi dresses looks very cool.

Bangles - are everywhere again, but they never really go away anyway.  Chloé showed lots of stacked bangles, Lavin showed matching pairs and Jacquemus single, statement bangles.

In Earrings - mis-matched earrings and single earrings continue to be popular, those of us old enough to remember the 80's, will have done this before, I think it was Madonna that probably made it popular then.

I guess really, it's all about what you love to wear, what makes you happy.  We all have our own style and jewellery helps express that.

Take a look at my website https://www.liveandlovebymaxine.co.uk I'm sure you will find something to tempt you :-)

As always, stay safe

Love and best wishes

Maxine x