I'm sure most of the country were watching Sunday nights final of the Euros at Wembley.  I am not a football watcher usually, but you couldn't help but want to see England lift the trophy after all the excitement of them reaching the final.  

But, that honour went to Italy, and their country rejoicing, congratulations Italy!. 

Another chance for England next year, and well done to the England team!

So, on we go, racing through the year.  Does it seem like it's going really quickly to you?  I can't believe how quickly the months go!

I have added a new necklace to my website, which I think you will love.  Take a look at this Handmade Sterling Silver T-Bar Necklace item/Handmade-Sterling-Silver-Oversized-T-Bar-Necklace

The oversized T-Bar gives it a cool, modern look and it is great for anyone who struggles with clasps as this is so so easy to put on too.

It also can be worn in a few different ways, the T-Bar can be worn at the back, if you just want the look of a chain, the T-Bar can be worn at the side for a more dressy look or it can be worn at the front.  Making it a very versatile piece of jewellery.

Because of the weight of the piece, it will be hallmarked (please see the hallmarking info on my website for further information useful-info).  I am registered with the London Assay Office and if you would like more information, please go to https://www.assayofficelondon.co.uk/

The weather has been quite miserable lately, but I believe it is supposed to be perking up soon, so lets get those summer clothes and accessories ready and bask in a bit of sunshine...it's about time!  (Remember SPF, so important to protect our skin).

That's it for now, take care 

Maxine x