I have to say Social Media can be very addictive and time consuming. 

As a business, it is important to have a presence on Social Media, so I do try to keep as up to date as I can on the platforms I use.

I tend to use Instagram more, and I have built some good friendships with people I have never met or probably going to, but somehow you feel you know them.  It's great sharing new creations,  and having a giggle with each other.

I have built up quite a good following and when I glanced at it this morning, it was 666.  Not going to make a joke about that particular figure! :-)

I also like Pinterest, which is obviously very visual and I sometimes have to force myself to get off it, I could just keep going and going with it.

Twitter is also something that I have started recently, although I do like it, it's not so easy to get much interaction with if you are not a celebrity, I find anyway...

I have put the links above if you would like to check them out :-)

As always, have fun and take care

Maxine x


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