I suppose one of the main reasons in my opinion for choosing Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery as opposed to mass produced jewellery, is the feeling of wearing something individual to you.  I have always loved the feeling of having or wearing something that not everyone has.

Also, when you order your piece of jewellery, you have that feeling of it being made especially for you, how special is that!...and you are also supporting small businesses, which is incredibly important and always very much appreciated.

To know someone is wearing a piece of jewellery that I have made, gives me so much pleasure.  I have always loved jewellery and it continues to excite and intrigue me and I have ideas in my head all the time that I can't wait to get on with making.

Jewellery is a great way of creating your own look and style, and Handmade Silver Jewellery is certainly able to offer lots of opportunities to show off your personality .

Have fun and stay safe

Love Maxine x