Jewellery Designer/Maker selling Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery and Jewellery Designer/MakerI wanted to write about another little thing that brings me joy, which is my garden, although its tough sometimes as I do suffer with Hayfever.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love lighting and especially lights in my garden.

They add such a lovely atmosphere and create a lovely, cosy feel.  They don't have to cost the earth either, there are so many inexpensive ones around now, and options including battery powered, mains or now we have lighter, brighter days, solar powered.

I also love a bit of glitz, glamour and quirky ideas for decoration in the garden.  The pictures in this blog are things I want to have a go at doing, I think they look really effective and can be done quite cheaply with a little imagination.                                  

Jewellery Designer/Maker selling Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery and Jewellery Designer/MakerA garden in the summer is like having an extra room to use, and with a few twinkly lights it can look magical, in the winter it can look equally as lovely, but probably when looking through the window from inside the house.  But it is very comforting to see lights rather than just a dark garden.

Gardens don't have to be hard work or time consuming either.  Choose low maintenance shrubs that just require the odd pruning to keep in shape now and again.

I love a good potter in the garden, nothing too strenuous and it can be quite relaxing, then its really satisfying to sit down and reward yourself with a nice, cool glass of something and admire your lovely garden.

Whatever you do in your garden, enjoy :-)

                            Love Maxine x