I have written about this before, and I was inspired to write this post today after reading a lovely Instagram post from a lady who said she started as a jewellery maker in 2012 and has unfortunately had to cope with years of health issues, but she said she doesn't regret it at all from where she is now.  It made her who she is today.

She went on to say, the post was not about her health, but thankfully she is doing so much better, but it was about the fact that she had to shift her expectations and to have the belief that the hard times can absolutely be the start of something good.  She said we can cling on to right now as if it's all that matters, but what if the struggles are just a starting point for something better?  She had to shift her expectations in the last two years and had moments of doubt and the hardest times in her life is why she is here at all.  She said it doesn't mean it's easy, a business requires so much more than making, but she is thankful that as she grows and lets go, she is exactly where she needs to be.

This really resonates with me, in a different way though.  After years of plodding along in jobs that I was not happy in, I decided to take a leap and take control of my life and do something I wanted to do.  Deciding to start your own business is scary and exciting, there is a lot to think about and learn and it is far from easy, but you have hope and belief that the hard work and long hours with little rewards at first, is the sacrifice you need to make to get you to your goal and where you want to be.

Life does throw a lot of challenges our way sometimes, but hopefully, they make us stronger, and sometimes it is about looking at the bigger picture, aiming for what you want but realising sometimes we need to change or adapt our plans, but not lose sight of the goal.

This lovely lady finished by saying 'let her know if this encourages you'.  I did reply saying her honest, heart-felt words encouraged me.

Having belief in yourself is important, so is courage.  You can never move forward if you stand still.

Have fun and take care

Maxine x


Handmade Sterling Silver from Live & Love by Maxine featured in Muddy Stilettos Little Black Book