Bangles are such a popular choice, they are timeless, elegant and feminine.

I absolutely love bangles, and I think bangles like a lot of things that are clustered together, look better in odd numbers, either 3, 5, 7 etc.  I wear 5 but that may go up soon :-)

As bangles need to fit over the wrist comfortably, please refer to my sizing guide useful-information

The good news is I have a Buy More, Save More Offer on my Handmade Sterling Silver Bangles - so why not take advantage of that and get stacking!

Bangles also are a great gift idea, and Christmas is not far always creeps up on us and it's always a good feeling to know you are organised and ahead of the game.

My love does not stop at wearing bangles, I love making them too.  So I look forward to making some for you!

Take care and have fun

Maxine x



Handmade Sterling Silver Stacking Bangles