I love all jewellery but if pushed I'd have to say bangles have to be my favourite piece of jewellery.  They are classic, timeless and always stylish.

It's great building up a bangle collection and stacking them, the sound of bangles jingling as you move is so feminine and gorgeous.

To get the right sized bangle is easy if you already have a bangle that fits you well. just measure the diameter, there is a guide on my website useful-information/sizing-guides to let you know what size you should order.  If you don't have a bangle already to do this, you can take a strip of paper and put your hand in a position as to putting on a bangle and mark at the widest part of the hand, then tape the ends of the strip together and you can measure the diameter.

Take a look at my Handmade Sterling Silver Bangles group/All-Bangles and take advantage of my Buy more, Save more offer so you can build up your collection.

Have fun with your jewellery, create your look.

Take care

Maxine x