Jewellery can last a life time, and hold special memories.  Whether it was given to you by someone special and it reminds you of them every time you are wearing it, or it just takes you back to special times and places when you were wearing it.  That is really magical.

Unlike a piece of clothing, jewellery is unlikely to go out of fashion.  Sure, there are jewellery trends, but jewellery is an investment that you will be wearing for years to come.

When it comes to gifts, jewellery is often the first thing someone will look at buying.  That's because of the sentiment and feeling it has for both the giver and the lucky receiver of the jewellery.

Sometimes, it may be the larger jewellery chain stores that are the first thought, but Handmade Jewellery really does feel more personal and individual.  It's like - 'hey, I got this made for you'.  How amazing does that feel!  

Take a look at my Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery, for the perfect gift.

Take care of yourself

Maxine x