First it was certain food, especially pasta, and toilet rolls which is still a mystery as to why this was needed to be stock-piled, may have been a little bit easier to understand if one the symptoms of Covid was an upset tummy...

Now, fuel.  The scenes are quite crazy, queuing for a long time, seeing people fill their cars and cans.  Why?  We have been told there is no need to do this.  Panic buying causes shortages.

Why can't we just stay calm and not put this stress in our lives, no one needs this on top of what we have had to deal with these past couple of years anyway.

We are heading towards Christmas, so lets not make that a time when we add more stress to a time that should be a happy one.  Be sensible, think of others and lets live a calmer life.

Take care and have fun

Maxine x

Panic buying causes shortages